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Spirits On Ice, home of the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball machine, specializes in helping you make perfectly round ice balls for your signature cocktails.

Today, we answer frequently asked questions about ice balls.

An ice ball is a spherical piece of ice 2-½ inches in diameter, used to keep cocktails that require ice colder while melting more slowly versus traditional ice cubes. The goal is to maintain the temperature and flavor of your cocktails for longer periods of time.

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Yes, because spherical ice balls expose less surface area to the liquid versus cubes. As such, the ice melts more slowly and dilutes the drink less over time, allowing the flavor and temperature to remain more stable for longer enjoyment.

Use a combination of purified bottled water and directional freezing to create perfectly clear ice balls.

Purified water has fewer impurities in it, allowing the water to freeze properly. Fewer impurities also reduce the chances of cracked ice balls once the liquid hits them. Cracked ice balls may increase the surface area of the ice, leading to faster melting and more dilution.

Directional freezing pushes any impurities to one side of the ice ball rather than keeping them in the middle. Because ice freezes on the outside first and the inside last, the process pushes impurities to the middle. If there are any impurities in your water, directional freezing using a cooler within your freezer pushes any impurities to one side of the mold.

When you create your ice ball using an ice ball press, the impurities automatically melt off because they are on the outside of the hexagonal ice mold.

Less dilution and colder temperatures. The larger sphere has less surface area compared to four ice cubes.

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Ice balls have several advantages to traditional ice cubes:

  1. Quick chill of your cocktails.
  2. Less dilution of your cocktails over time.
  3. Upsell opportunities due to the improved quality of your signature cocktails.
  4. Branding messages with ice balls that have your logo imprinted on them.
  5. Improved appearance and flavor of drinks through colored ice balls or ice balls made with fruit juice.

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Yes, with an ice ball press.

Utilize an ice ball machine that takes advantage of the physical properties of ice to convert a large cube (three or so inches across) or hexagonal block of ice into a perfectly round sphere.

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You have two ways to do this:

  1. Add food coloring to the water ahead of freezing the mold for the ice balls.
  2. Create the colored ice ball with flavored juices rather than water.

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Yes! Relevant juice choices for cocktails include:

  1. Cranberry
  2. Flavor combinations with cranberry, like cran-grape and cran-raspberry
  3. Orange
  4. Grape 
  5. Cherry
  6. Black cherry
  7. Apple
  8. Mango
  9. Pineapple
  10. Peach
  11. Blueberry

Your choices are endless when you mix and match juices that slowly infuse into the drink over time, thereby enhancing the flavor of your signature cocktails.

Spirits On Ice has a way for you to conveniently order a Spirit Ice Vice ice ball maker to help you produce perfectly round ice balls for your signature cocktails. 

We have three standard colors, and we can even make a custom one that has your brand on it.

Contact us for more information about a custom model for you!

Owners of Spirits On Ice

Meet the Owners of Spirits On Ice

Kent & Kim Coomer are the husband and wife team behind Spirits On Ice. The Coomers purchased D&E Machine Company in 1990 before turning it into Spirits On Ice, the manufacturer of the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball press. Kent’s background is in custom-machining items out of metal, while Kim has decades of management and relationship-building experience. Together, Kent and Kim engineer a high-quality machine that quickly and efficiently creates customizable ice balls for drinks. The ice ball delivers more than a clear way to chill a beverage. It provides an experience for your guests, whether at home, in a restaurant or bar, or at the 19th hole of the golf course.

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