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Looking for a luxury corporate gift for the person who already has everything? Introducing the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball machine.

Just grab a Spirit Water cup from your freezer, remove the foil lid and place on the base of the Spirit Ice Vice, put the top on it, and 60 seconds later you have a perfectly round, 2-1/2 inch ice ball.

Spirit Ice Vice® teamed with Legrand, North & Central America in 2017 to create holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

“Each year, for the past several years, our CEO has enjoyed sending a most unique gift to a short list of VIP customers and business associates,” said Karen DiPietro, the executive assistant to the CEO of Legrand, North & Central America. “Typically, the type of things he has gifted are not readily available through vendors that customize items for businesses. This is mostly due to the fact that they are so unique – no one has ever custom branded the items before. In the past, we had worked with an individual who ran his own business and was willing and able to put together the most creative and practically unimaginable custom gifts for us. Sadly, however, in 2016 this individual we relied upon to execute this overwhelming project each year unexpectedly passed away. Not only did we lose a wonderful friend and business associate, but also a person who was always willing and somehow able to lasso the moon for us, if that is what we wanted.”

After months of searching for the perfect ice ball machine, Karen found
Spirit Ice Vice®. When she reached out to us, we had our lasso ready.

“Once contacting the company, we knew we found the quality gift and company we had been looking for,” Karen said. “On top of their making a superior product was the company’s willingness to completely customize and personalize the packaging of each gift – all with a short lead time and competitive pricing. I wondered, could it be that there are others out there that will lasso the moon for us? As it turns out, the answer is YES. People just loved the ice ball machines. Our CEO received a whole bunch of pictures via email and text of people showing off their Legrand branded ice machine and whiskey balls with the impression of the Legrand logo. It was certainly the best gift we’ve given thus far. The problem Spirit Ice Vice has left us with? How are we going to top this gift in the next holiday season?”

Who knows, maybe we will get our lasso out for you this year as you contemplate your luxury corporate gift.

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