Spirit Ice Vice® is a precision-crafted. American-made aluminum mold that produces perfect 2 ½-inch ice balls to ensure the slowest melt, least dilution, and most efficient cooling of your beverages and signature cocktails.

Memorable customer experiences are what bring back loyal customers. Our ice ball machine helps make this happen.

Part conversation piece, part entertainment, just place a hexagonal block of ice on the base, put the lid on the ice ball machine, and 60 seconds later you have a perfectly round ice ball. Customers talk about what just happened 

Elevate your signature cocktails with ice balls made of fruit juice that slowly infuse drinks with flavor and color over time. What you get is a memorable customer experience that gets people talking.

Got balls? Spirits On Ice elevates your signature cocktails.

Spirit Ice Vice® is manufactured in three base colors:


Spirit Ice Vice Black Lid Off FULL 2020



Spirit Ice Vice Copper Lid Off FULL 2020
The cylinder-shaped ice ball machine is an eye-catching addition to any bar.

Buy your Spirit Ice Vice today! $759.95 includes the Spirit Ice Vice, one ice tong, six ice block molds and laser etching. Simply fill out the form and use our secure Paypal checkout. Machine normally ships within 7 days of the order. Enjoy!

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case study

Turf Club

Spirit Ice Vice® is an artistic conversation piece that gracefully complements the décor of some of the most prestigious restaurants, pubs, personal bars and sporting venues, like Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. When the “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” unfolds at the Kentucky Derby, Spirit Ice Vice® has the best seat in the house at the iconic racetrack in the heart of Bourbon Country. “We have the Turf Club areas on the third floor and we have Millionaires Row on the fourth and the sixth floors,” said Jason Kassovic, director of beverage and partnership activation for Levy Restaurants, the food and beverage provider at Churchill Downs. “We also have two sets of suites … the Finish Line Suites are on the fifth floor in the clubhouse and we have Jockey Club Suites on the other side of the track. “I think our guests are surprised by what is available to them at a sports and entertainment venue. We have beers that are made just for us. We have a great bourbon list in the Turf Club, where we are using our Spirit Ice Vices to serve the higher end bourbons. Those are items that people just don’t expect when they come to a racetrack.”

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