Spirit Ice Vice® travels well … and never travels alone. Every Spirit Ice Vice® is accompanied by everything you need to put the perfect chill to an unforgettable cocktail.

Setting the table for the show are the Spirit Water cups. Spirit Water is pre-packaged and designed to yield an ice block custom-formed for the Spirit Ice Vice. Since you buy it in liquid form and it freezes as fast as regular ice, you can store stock anywhere and never run out. Just buy and use – and amaze your guests with a cocktail presentation equal to the swankiest lounge. It’s like magic, and no one needs to know how you did it.

Spirit Water is the only pre-packaged and ready-to-freeze water that yields crystal clear ice every time.

What good is a perfect ice ball if you don’t have a grip on things? Our American-made product portfolio includes tongs that make the drama of dropping an ice ball a thing of the past.

Ice Tongs
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Spirit Water
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Spirit Ice Vice takes brand promotion to new levels with the custom logo brand insertsCoupled with our Craft Ice Water, your logo never looked so good…on ice. In a minute, you transform a block of ice into a perfect 2 ½-inch ice ball that bears the brand you work day and night to advance. Talk about a show. Talk about a memory. Talk about Spirit Ice Vice®.

Like Spirit Ice Vice®, all our accessories are manufactured in strict compliance with United States FDA standards.

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