Spirit Ice Vice® travels well … and never travels alone.

Every Spirit Ice Vice® is accompanied by everything you need to put the perfect chill to an unforgettable cocktail.

Setting the table for the show are durable silicone ice molds. Just fill the molds to within an inch of the top and place them in the freezer. Give your ice a boost by filling the molds with non-alcoholic liquids like cranberry juice. For summer parties, add slices of lemon, limes and other fruit to the water before placing the molds in the freezer.

Stay ahead of the party by preparing your ice blocks and ice balls in advance. They can be stored in plastic zipper bags for future use.

What good is a perfect ice ball if you don’t have a grip on things? Our American-made product portfolio includes tongs that make the drama of dropping an ice ball a thing of the past.

Ice Tongs
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Ice Block Mold
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For those working with clear ice, produced either in-house or provided by a specialty vendor, Spirit Ice Vice® takes brand promotion to new levels with our custom logo brand inserts. These optional accessories are customized with the brand of your choice.

In a minute, you transform a block of ice into a perfect 2 ½-inch ice ball that bears the brand you work day and night to advance.

Talk about a show. Talk about a memory. Talk about Spirit Ice Vice®.

Like Spirit Ice Vice®, all our accessories are manufactured in strict compliance with United States FDA standards.

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