Frank & Lori Ferro

Frank and Lori Ferro give big attention to small details, a mindset that led them to make Spirit Ice Vice® a key player at Ferro, their restaurant in Idyllwild, Calif. “We have owned Spirit Ice Vices for almost four years,” Frank said. “I first saw the Spirit Ice Vice at the NRA Show in 2014 and was immediately mesmerized.”

Frank describes Ferro as a “modern Italian restaurant with a large craft cocktail portfolio” that is anchored by Spirit Ice Vice®.

“It has become an integral part of what we do at our bar, and it really wows the guest. Spirit Ice Vice has definitely affected our cocktail sales,” Frank said. “One of our signature drinks is a smoked cherry wood old fashioned utilizing a Spirit Ice Vice sphere. Campari spheres are also a lot of fun. But we use them for several applications.”

The quest to produce clear ice in-house has yielded incredible results for Ferro. “We have had our greatest success placing the cubes from our Cold Draft ice machine – which delivers a very hard, clear cube – in the molds and then filling in the remaining space with regular water and then freezing,” Frank said. After that, Ferro’s staff turns things over to Spirit Ice Vice®. The Ferros’ piece of heaven got a bit larger in 2016 with a new addition, and Spirit Ice Vice® was right in the middle of the mix. “We purchased two more Spirit Ice Vices for our new restaurant, Idyllwild Brewpub,” Frank said.

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