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about spirit ice vice

Spirit Ice Vice® is a precision-crafted aluminum mold. Aluminum’s natural properties melt the ice block while the weight of the machine’s sleeve descending toward the base shapes the ice block into a perfect 2 ½-inch ice ball. No cords. No plugs. No heating elements. Nothing to maintain. Nothing to break.

Run warm water over the machine’s sleeve and base after each ice ball is produced. This will bring the unit back to ambient temperature and minimize the amount of time needed to make the next ice ball.

Misshaped ice balls are often the result of overheating the Spirit Ice Vice®. Make sure when running warm water over the machine that it becomes no warmer than room temperature. Flat spots on ice balls can be caused by not putting enough water in the ice mold, which creates an undersized block of ice.

A non-customized Spirit Ice Vice® can usually be shipped the same day it is ordered. Production time for customized machines and brand inserts is typically 3-5 weeks. We can usually provide an accurate production time estimate when you place your order.

Our Spirit Water was specifically created to be used with the Spirit Ice Vice® for that very purpose. Spirit Water is the only pre-packaged and ready-to-freeze water that yields crystal clear ice every time.

Wipe off your Spirit Ice Vice® with a soft cloth or clean with mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. DO NOT put Spirit Ice Vice® in a dishwasher, which could damage the beautiful finish.

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