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To make a clear ice ball with Spirit Ice Vice®, begin with a large clear block of ice. Use included ice block molds for making the blocks.

  • With the ice ball machine sitting on a level surface, remove the top of the vice. (CAUTION, TOP IS HEAVY).
  • If you are using a custom brand insert, place the pin of the insert in the small hole in the center of the base.
  • Set the block of ice centered on the base.
  • Place the top over the ice block. The top travels downward until it stops in the drip tray in approximately one minute. To be sure the process is completed, spin the top. If it spins freely, the process is not completed. You will feel friction between the top and the tray when the process is finished.
  • Remove the top.
  • Use the included ice tongs for removing the clear ice ball and placing in your glass.
  • For faster cycle times, place the ice ball machine under warm tap water after each use. The aluminum acts as a heat transfer to melt the block into a sphere. When the machine becomes cold to the touch, the clear ice ball creating process will slow down.

This machine weighs 17 pounds and can be heavy for some, so please handle with care!

This machine is very heavy. Handle with care.

Keep your ice ball machine clean by washing with mild dish soap and water before use. (DO NOT PLACE IN DISHWASHER. Placing in dishwasher will discolor the machine’s finish. Do not use harsh detergent or abrasive sponge).

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