How to Entertain During the Holiday Season

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With the holiday season in full swing, bar and restaurant owners can expect a fun but busy time of year for their company. 

The holidays create a unique opportunity for those in the food, drink, and hospitality industries to attract new patrons and create memories for your regular crowd. 

In today’s blog, Spirits on Ice gives practical tips and tricks for entertaining your guests during the holiday season!

Craft Your Menu to Match the Upcoming Holiday 

One of the best things a bar or restaurant can do during the holiday season is craft their menu to be festive and unique, matching the holiday that’s approaching quickly. The Christmas season is one of the most enjoyable seasons to cater your menu towards. 

With a variety of different types of holiday drinks and desserts at your disposal to include, don’t be afraid to add your own special twist to the items that you create! Change ingredients and drink names as they fit with your bar, restaurant, geographical location, the holiday you’re celebrating, or all of the above!

Another way to add a unique experience to your seasonal celebrations is by designing your holiday menus. If you have the right resources, make your menu stand out and be pleasing to the eye, just as the contents of your menu will be pleasing to your guests’ taste buds.

Host Festive Holiday Events

Planning, hosting, and advertising for holiday events at your bar or restaurant is a fantastic way to encourage new guests and regulars to spend time at your establishment. Being aware and considerate of the holidays that your core demographic celebrates is an important part of planning for either a handful of events or a full event calendar during the holiday season. 

For example, a popular trend coined by Millennials and Gen Z is “Friendsgiving,” which includes a Thanksgiving-like meal celebrated by small or large friend groups, not limited to just family. 

An excellent opportunity for bars to hop into this trend is by hosting a “Friendsgiving Happy Hour” – encouraging those friend groups to visit your establishment first, before feasting on their favorite Thanksgiving delicacies. 

This is just one example of many holiday events that your bar or restaurant could enjoy celebrating! 

Prioritize Holiday Hospitality

Whether crafting your holiday menu or planning for an upcoming event, ensure that your primary focus is on hosting your guests well. Establishments that go above and beyond to be hospitable towards their patrons are the ones seeing success in today’s market. 

In the holiday season, hospitality can be demonstrated by custom-made drinks, thoughtful party gifts, or even a redecorated lobby or lounge that makes guests feel seen and welcomed.   

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