How to Throw a Great Halloween Party at Your Bar

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Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated holidays – one that considerably drives up business for bars and restaurants that participate in the festivities. 

According to Investopedia, 65% of Americans took part in some type of Halloween celebration, and Americans spent a grand total of $10.14 billion on the holiday in 2021, a number that easily scares Casper himself. 

Local bars and restaurants have the perfect opportunity every October 31st (or earlier) to stir up some business and scares, all while having a great time! 

In today’s blog, Spirits on Ice shows you how to throw a great Halloween party at your bar or restaurant. 

Hosting a Bar Halloween Party 

Before you ask your mixologist to come up with a scary-looking but delicious drink to add to your Halloween party menu, it’s important to sort out all of the details. To start, consider these questions:

  • What is the typical Halloween night crowd like?
  • Do you have enough space to host a party invited to the public?
  • Does your team have the capacity to manage new/updated food and drink offerings?
  • How easily and quickly can you promote your bar Halloween party?

While any bar or restaurant can capitalize on some form of Halloween celebration, you should start by figuring out what type of Halloween party suits your establishment and patrons. 

Spooky Drink and Menu Options

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff, so bring your mixologist back in for this one. One of the best ways you can wow the crowd is with Halloween-themed drinks and food options on your menu. 

Craft your menu creatively and in a way that feels festive towards the Halloween celebration, true to your brand, and appeals to your regular customers. You know your business and your customers the best – so create a seasonal menu that is right for you while also having fun with it.

Host a Costume Contest

Once you have your killer Halloween party menu created, it’s time to think about fun activities that will draw people in, keep them at your party, or both!

It’s easy; it’s enjoyable. It’s a costume party contest. Since many patrons will inevitably show up in a costume on Halloween night anyway, you may as well entice them to stick around longer and find out how their spooky outfit ranks against everyone else! 

Plus, this is a great way to encourage new people to visit your bar or restaurant. 

Decorate to Scare

Last but certainly not least, make sure your establishment is decorated appropriately for the occasion. Remember, the look and feel of your place is vital to any great and memorable party! 

Be sure to keep the lighting low and minimal, yet offer just enough to allow people to see and visit with each other. Make your space feel spooky but inviting, enabling your guests to enjoy the atmosphere and holiday. 

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