Tips for Making Perfectly Clear Ice Balls

Clear Ice Balls

Crystal clear ice balls make a sharp presentation when it comes to your signature cocktails. Not only do the ice balls make a quick chill for drinks that call for ice, but they also melt slower than traditional ice cubes to prevent watering down while still bringing out the flavors of your drinks. Spirits On Ice takes a look at how to make perfectly clear ice balls in your Spirit Ice Vice.

Directional Freezing

The key to making completely clear ice balls starts with the freezing method. You can’t just put our hexagonal ice molds in a freezer to make crystal-clear ice. After you fill up the ice molds to a ½ inch below the top level of the mold, put each mold in a small cooler that fits into your freezer. Ice molds must stay on a level surface. The cooler slows down the freezing process to encourage directional freezing. Directional freezing occurs when the ice freezes from the top down, just like the surface of a pond or a lake in winter.

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Overnight Freezing

When you use directional cooling for clear ice balls, leave enough time to make the ice blocks. We suggest freezing ice blocks at least overnight. This gives the slower cooling process a chance to work correctly. Once the molds freeze with directional cooling, they stay clear so long as the ice doesn’t melt and re-freeze. You can transfer them to a regular freezer — out of the portable cooler and out of the molds — once they freeze entirely.  

Bottled Water

We suggest using purified bottled water for each ice mold for clear ice balls. Nestle’s Pure Life bottled water has much fewer impurities compared to tap water. You can use water run through a filter from your tap, but microscopic pieces of filter media may affect the freezing process. Clear ice balls come out best with as few dissolved particles as possible in the water. Nestle’s bottled water is purified, thereby removing as many harmful contaminants and minerals as possible.

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Ice Vendors

We have a list of ice vendors across the United States that provide crystal-clear ice for Spirit Ice Vice. This service works best for high-volume establishments or when staffers are just too busy to make their own ice blocks. Simply use the provided ice to make clear ice balls as needed. Keep the ice blocks in a nearby freezer for optimal results.

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