Three Ways to Get Creative With Branded Ice Balls

Spirits On Ice Branded Ice Balls Spirit Ice Vice

Spirits On Ice can create a brand insert with your logo to complement your custom Spirit Ice Vice ice ball machine. Our insert imprints your brand directly on each ice ball you make. The branded end then floats to the top, which puts your brand’s logo front and center in every signature cocktail. Today, we explain three ways to get creative with branded ice balls.

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Spell Out Letters & Words 

Let’s say you have a special occasion at your establishment, such as hosting someone’s birthday party, a corporate event, or a social gathering reserved in your party room. Branded ice balls come in handy for spelling out words, such as someone’s name. Perhaps it’s Steve’s birthday. You could lay out a centerpiece on a table with the name “Steve” spelled out in branded ice balls.

Ice Sculpture With Lighting Effects

Take your branded ice balls to new levels of style with custom colors and plays of light. Use juice or food coloring to create ice balls with your company colors infused in each one. For example, your company’s colors are green and gold. Alternate branded ice balls in green and gold colors while incorporating them in an ice sculpture. Ice balls make great eyes, pyramids, geometric shapes, letters, and words. 

Use backlighting to enhance the experience and change the colors. LEDs on small lamps are perfect for this. Track lighting above the table also shines a light on your branded ice balls and draws attention to them. These little details will leave a fantastic impression on your customers.

Smoking Cocktails

It’s a tried-and-true trick, but smoking cocktails are always fun. Take them to the next level with your branded ice balls. The small amount of dry ice you need for a smoking cocktail disappears quickly, leaving behind your signature cocktail and branded ice ball for people to see. 

Smoking cocktails are more than just dry ice. Try infusing your drink with a smoky flavor and aroma using a dedicated drink smoker. Smoke works best with whisky, scotch, and bourbon.

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Branded Ice Balls by the Spirit Ice Vice

Spirits On Ice crafts American-made ice ball machines with your logo on the side. Our team can also create a logo insert that lets you make branded ice balls to go in each signature cocktail that calls for ice. Contact Spirits On Ice or call (513) 932-1250 for more information on our ice ball machine that makes a perfectly round ice ball in 60 seconds.

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