Like Making a Snowball: How Spirit Ice Vice Forms Perfect Ice Balls

Hexagonal Ice Block Spirit Ice Vice

Spirit Ice Vice is an ice ball maker that uses a sturdy aluminum lid at room temperature to turn a hexagonal ice cube into perfect spheres. These ice balls fit neatly into your whiskey glasses, and they provide a slow melt and a better pour. Spirits On Ice explains how the special properties of water make the magic happen in around 60 seconds.

Like Making a Snowball

An ice ball maker works in much the same way as your own two hands when making a snowball. When you gather snow, you pat your hands together to compact the powdery white stuff. As you do this, you increase the pressure on the snowflakes. The extra pressure raises the temperature of the water in the outer layer of snowflakes just enough to melt them. When you release the pressure, the melting stops and the water re-freezes. You have a perfect snowball, ready to throw at your friend. In much the same way, Spirit Ice Vice creates spherical bliss out of hexagonal ice cubes.

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Weight of the Lid

The base and the lid of Spirit Ice Vice are made of sturdy aluminum. Both are somewhat heavy when you handle them. The weight is necessary to make perfect ice balls. The weight of the lid and base applies pressure to the hexagonal ice block. Think of the lid as one hand and the base as the other hand as you get ready to make your snowball — or ice ball.

Room Temperature

Spirit Ice Vice doesn’t use heating elements or batteries to melt the ice. All you need is for the precision-crafted aluminum mold to stay at room temperature. Use warm water to rinse off the ice ball machine after making each sphere for best results.

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Coming Together

Place the hexagonal block of ice on the base of the ice ball maker. Place the top of the machine over the base. Heat conductivity melts the ice block while the weight of the lid travelling down shapes it into a ball. In approximately one minute, the lid stops in the drip tray, leaving you with a perfect 2 ½-inch ice ball.

Perfect Ice Balls with Spirit Ice Vice

At Spirits On Ice, we offer bar and restaurant owners the top ice ball machine on the market, the Spirit Ice Vice. For more information, phone us at (513) 932-1250 or contact us online today.

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