What Is a Spirit Ice Vice?

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If you own a bar or a restaurant, you are always looking for ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Doing that, however, can be difficult when your area is jam-packed with competitors. One way to make your bar distinct from the bars nearby is to utilize a Spirit Ice Vice aluminum ice ball machine. Not only do these machines give your bar a stylish prestige boost, but a Spirit Ice Vice can also be customized to display your bar’s brand in every glass. In today’s blog post, Spirits On Ice will take a closer look at what exactly a Spirit Ice Vice is.

What Does a Spirit Ice Vice Do?

The function of a Spirit Ice Vice is simple enough. In 60-seconds flat, this ice ball machine will transform a block of ice into a gorgeous 2 ½ inch ice ball, perfectly sized for the glasses of your customers. Few things are more luxurious than enjoying drinks with friends or colleagues at an upscale bar that utilizes the perfect ice ball. You can use this machine for whiskey ice balls or bourbon ice balls, as well as custom-color and clear ice balls. They also come with ice block molds.

Beyond functionality, the creation of this ice ball is a show itself, providing your bartenders with a simple but spectacular display that will entertain your customers as they wait for their drinks.

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Why Is It Important for My Business?

It’s important to find ways to get out in front of the competition, particularly in the restaurant and bar business. In today’s competitive climate, that has never been a more difficult task. Your customers don’t just want a place to have a drink, they want a place where they can experience luxury. A Spirit Ice Vice gives your customers the experience they are looking for, with a memorable, stylish touch that features your bar’s unique brand.

What About Customization?

If you are looking to take it up a notch, you can even look into a customized Spirit Ice Vice. Not only can you customize the machine itself with a laser etching of your logo on the exterior, but you can also put your logo on the ice ball itself. Every time a customer takes a drink at your bar or restaurant, they will see your logo. These machines not only serve a functional purpose, but they will also help you promote your brand.

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Contact Spirits On Ice for More Information

If you are looking for a way to separate from the competition and build your brand, a Spirit Ice Vice is the perfect solution. For more information on our ice ball machines and custom ice ball molds, give Spirits On Ice a call today at (513) 932-1250 or get in touch with us online.

Owners of Spirits On Ice

Meet the Owners of Spirits On Ice

Kent & Kim Coomer are the husband and wife team behind Spirits On Ice. The Coomers purchased D&E Machine Company in 1990 before turning it into Spirits On Ice, the manufacturer of the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball press. Kent’s background is in custom-machining items out of metal, while Kim has decades of management and relationship-building experience. Together, Kent and Kim engineer a high-quality machine that quickly and efficiently creates customizable ice balls for drinks. The ice ball delivers more than a clear way to chill a beverage. It provides an experience for your guests, whether at home, in a restaurant or bar, or at the 19th hole of the golf course.

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