Here Are Four Great Luxury Corporate Gifts

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Are you looking for a luxury corporate gift for a boss or a co-worker? Finding the right luxury corporate gift can be difficult, especially when you want your gift to make a perfect impression.

What is your budget? Should it be an office gift or a gift for home? Is the gift appropriate for a corporate setting? All of these questions are important, and Spirits On Ice wants to help you find the right luxury corporate gift with these questions in mind. Here are four great luxury corporate gifts to choose from.

1. Golf Accessories

We know, it sounds cliche, but in the corporate arena golf is a legitimate tool used to make sales and cultivate business connections. If you are buying a luxury corporate gift for a coworker or boss that you golf with, it makes even more sense. Consider a golf gift basket that includes anything from golf balls to snacks. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, you might consider a dozen gold-dipped golf balls.

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2. Clock

Every office needs a clock. Whether that clock hangs on the wall or sits on your desk, a clock is great for meetings and office design. These days we can find the time on phones or computer, so style and luxury are important factors that will make your gift stand out. Choose a stylish luxury clock that fits the general aesthetic of your coworker’s or boss’s office.

3. Office Accessories

Along with clocks, there are other office accessories that make great gifts. You can go simple and invest in a nameplate as a gift. This is a great corporate gift, but it also brings a more personal touch. You can also choose a decorative bowl or vase, for a unique and artistic gift that is also practical.  

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4. Spirit Ice Vice

All of the above are great corporate gifts, but if you are looking for a luxury corporate gift, they won’t get better than the Spirit Ice Vice from Spirits On Ice. You can even have it customized with a business logo. This is a perfect gift for restaurant or bar owners.

Contact Spirits On Ice for Luxury Corporate Gifts

If you are looking to buy a luxury corporate gift for a coworker or boss, Spirits On Ice wants to help. Our Spirit Ice Vice is as prestigious as corporate gifts can get. For more information on our products, get in touch with us at (513) 932-1250 or contact us online today.

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