When Personalized Bar Gifts Make the Perfect Present

Personalized Bar Gift

Personalized bar gifts showcase the charm of the person receiving the present. Your friend might be a fun-loving buddy who shared a memorable trip to Key West for spring break and loves the shot glass. You might purchase a fine bottle of wine for a family member who hosts regular gatherings at their house. In today’s blog, Spirits On Ice explains four perfect occasions for giving personalized bar gifts.


Weddings honor a lifetime of commitment between two people. Personalized bar gifts tap into this jovial atmosphere with custom-made items that have a photo of the couple, their monogrammed initials, or a saying about true love. A personalized wine bottle with a custom label is one way to incorporate all three elements on the same item. The happy couple can break out the wine every year on their anniversary.

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College Graduation

Personalized bar gifts are a perfect way to celebrate key life milestones like college graduation. Think about a liquor bottle with a photo of the grad and the year of graduation. Perhaps a set of coasters made of corks from wine bottles can spell the person’s initials. A wine bottle topper can include a design with the person’s name and college colors.


Birthdays extol the virtues of getting a year older. In addition to cake and streamers, personalized bar gifts tap into the personality of the birthday man or woman. Classy gifts include an etched beer stein for the beer lover in your life. Etching can have a beautiful monogram or a name, or perhaps even an elaborate carving of the person’s face. An engraved flask offers a fantastic way to top off a liquor cabinet.

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Winter Holidays

Winter holidays represent the most wonderful time of the year for generosity and presents. You can buy personalized bar gifts as a reward for an employee or group of employees, or for friends and loved ones. Because the sky’s the limit during the holidays, you don’t have to tailor the gifts to a graduation, wedding, or birthday. Eggnog with alcohol in it with a personalized label marks the year, person’s name, and the reason for the gift. Consider an embroidered sleeve, colored red and green with a name or initials, for storing a bottle of liquor or wine. Sleeves can have a whimsical holiday decoration, such as Santa, reindeer, or snowmen.                    

Spirit Ice Vice from Spirits On Ice

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