Custom Bar Gifts to Win More Business

Custom Bar Gifts Spirits On Ice

Custom bar gifts enhance your brand awareness and make an impression on your patrons. Customization puts your logo and name on very cool items that people notice as they relax with your signature cocktails in hand. Spirits On Ice, maker of the Spirit Ice Vice, explains custom bar gifts that win more business for your establishment. 

Etched Glasses

Etched glasses exude luxury and an upscale feel. Etching is a permanent way to make the glass translucent, and it offers a way to put your name and logo on your glassware. Think about every piece of bar glass you use, including whiskey tumblers, wine glasses, shot glasses, and beer glasses. A custom bar gift of etched glasses lets your name and logo shine through your colorful cocktails and even empty glassware on display along your wall.

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Coasters are a bar staple. Instead of standard paper or cardboard coasters, invest in wood, metal, stone, or cork coasters. Not only are these custom bar gifts sturdier, but they also save you money over the long term by reducing the need to order more supplies every month. Custom-made coasters with your bar’s logo make an instant impression versus cheaper and flimsier cardboard varieties.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are small tools, but as a custom bar gift, they enhance your brand in subtle ways. The key here is to keep your bottle openers in view of customers. Hang them next to your beer taps or close to the bar. Regular patrons will take a look at them and start talking.

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Spirit Ice Vice

It’s hard to miss the Spirit Ice Vice sitting at the end of your counter. The shiny aluminum stands out among all of your other bar tools. Add your company logo to it for better brand awareness and a custom bar gift you will use over and over again. Our sturdy construction lasts for years when you take care of your Spirit Ice Vice properly. In 60 seconds, you create perfectly round ice balls that create a quick chill and slow melt in your signature cocktails.

Talk to Spirits On Ice for a Custom Bar Gift

Spirits On Ice can make a custom bar gift for your establishment. We put your name and logo on the side of an ice ball machine that’s entertaining, classy, and functional. Call (513) 932-1250 or contact Spirits On Ice for more information.

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