Personalized Bar Gifts for the Whiskey Lover in Your Life


Personalized bar gifts for the whiskey lover in your life range from decanter sets to whiskey bottles and flasks with customized labels. However, unique gifts for whiskey aficionados are so much more than the actual implements by which someone enjoys this traditional liquor. Spirits On Ice discusses some more ideas for personalized bar gifts for the whiskey lover in your life.

Whiskey Barrel

Consider a whiskey barrel that has the person’s name on it, or perhaps a slogan or saying that the person likes. Some companies create scale models that sit neatly on a shelf or display case. This type of personalized bar gift looks great on the bar itself. Everyone knows your affinity for your favorite drink with a whiskey barrel close by. You could also buy a whiskey barrel and turn it into a table for your bar room.

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Whiskey Sign

Some companies manufacture full-sized whiskey barrels and paint the top of the barrel with a design of your choosing. The company then removes the top of the barrel for mounting on a wall. Others apply a rustic finish to mimic the authentic look of a bar sign that hangs on the wall of the bar room. Personalized bar gifts should fit the vibe of the person, and a sign is the perfect way to make someone smile upon entering the bar.

Ammo Box

Customized ammo boxes showcase many things. Your whiskey lover might be a military veteran or game hunter. Inside the box is a custom set of whiskey glasses and accessories engraved with your recipient’s name. The ammo box can go anywhere because it’s sturdy and durable. Personalized bar gifts don’t need to be directly related to whiskey itself. 

Cocktail Smoking Box

Pick out a luxury cocktail smoking box and have the glass door engraved with your recipient’s name. A cocktail smoking box is a compact device that delivers a concentrated infusion of smoke from chips or herbs give your favorite whiskey more depth and character. Personalized bar gifts can be practical and flavorful, too.

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Spirit Ice Vice from Spirits On Ice

A Spirit Ice Vice ice ball maker from Spirits On Ice makes an ideal personalized bar gift. We can add a custom logo, name, or saying to the side of the ice ball machine where your whiskey lover displays it prominently. Then, all your recipient has to do is make perfectly round ice balls in 60 seconds. Contact us online or give us a call at (513) 932-1250 for more information about our products.

Owners of Spirits On Ice

Meet the Owners of Spirits On Ice

Kent & Kim Coomer are the husband and wife team behind Spirits On Ice. The Coomers purchased D&E Machine Company in 1990 before turning it into Spirits On Ice, the manufacturer of the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball press. Kent’s background is in custom-machining items out of metal, while Kim has decades of management and relationship-building experience. Together, Kent and Kim engineer a high-quality machine that quickly and efficiently creates customizable ice balls for drinks. The ice ball delivers more than a clear way to chill a beverage. It provides an experience for your guests, whether at home, in a restaurant or bar, or at the 19th hole of the golf course.

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