How to Enjoy Whiskey: Neat, Blended and with Whiskey Ice Balls

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At Spirits On Ice, we enjoy our whiskey on the rocks as much as anyone. Our whiskey ice balls offer the perfect pour thanks to a quick chill and slow melt that doesn’t dilute your favorite libations as quickly as ordinary ice. In today’s blog, Spirits On Ice discusses three ways to enjoy whiskey.


Enjoying a whiskey neat is as pure as it gets. Neat means you don’t add anything to your whiskey tumbler except the pure amber liquid that comes from your whiskey bottle. Try sniffing the bourbon whiskey two or three times to truly discover the aromas and notes of the whiskey, such as the spices and the oakiness from the wood. Your sense of smell enhances the drinking experience. Swirling the liquid in the glass dispels alcohol vapors ahead of your first sip, although whiskey ice balls would help in that regard. 

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Whiskey Cocktails

Mixologists make whiskey cocktails using a blend of different flavors. An Old Fashioned blends whiskey, sugar, bitters, an orange twist, and an ice ball. A classic mint julep has a similar principle with whiskey, sugar, fresh mint, and a perfectly round ice ball. A stout Manhattan mixes whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, and an orange peel. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to whiskey cocktails. You can even add flavors to your whiskey ice balls ahead of freezing the molds to make the flavors come out gradually in your signature drinks.

On the Rocks with Whiskey Ice Balls

If you ever hear someone say, “on the rocks,” it means a drink with ice. Spirits On Ice turns whiskey on the rocks into an art form. Our Spirit Ice Vice ice ball machine makes ice balls 2-½ inches in diameter to deliver a quick chill and slow melt to traditional whiskey on the rocks drinks. Not only do whiskey ice balls add value to your drink, but they also give your brand a boost with memorable customer experiences in your bar or restaurant. Simply put an ice ball in your tumbler and pour whiskey over it to add a modern take to a classic liquor.

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Whiskey Ice Balls from Spirits On Ice

Spirits On Ice lets your bartenders and servers create whiskey ice balls in just 60 seconds per ice ball. Not only do our ice ball machines look good, but we can also customize them with your logo imprinted on the outside of the device and custom brand inserts. Contact us today or call us at (513) 932-1250 to see what we can do for your establishment.

Owners of Spirits On Ice

Meet the Owners of Spirits On Ice

Kent & Kim Coomer are the husband and wife team behind Spirits On Ice. The Coomers purchased D&E Machine Company in 1990 before turning it into Spirits On Ice, the manufacturer of the Spirit Ice Vice ice ball press. Kent’s background is in custom-machining items out of metal, while Kim has decades of management and relationship-building experience. Together, Kent and Kim engineer a high-quality machine that quickly and efficiently creates customizable ice balls for drinks. The ice ball delivers more than a clear way to chill a beverage. It provides an experience for your guests, whether at home, in a restaurant or bar, or at the 19th hole of the golf course.

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